Marine Carbon Instruments and Data

Marine Carbon Instruments and Data (MaCID) was started to help scientists around the world with their carbon data and carbon measuring instruments. I’m offering quick assistance with work that cannot be done by the scientist themselves.

I’m a marine chemist by training and have more than 15 years experience in marine sciences. My focus lies on the measurements of the parameters of the marine carbon system.

What I offer

  • Data processing for underway pCO2 data: this can be the full data processing including SOCAT submission or I guide you throug the important steps
  • Planning of an underway pCO2 installation onboard of ships
  • Assitance with installing underway pCO2 instrumentation including all needed equipment (pumps, temperature and salinity sensors, piping)
  • Maintaining and overhaul pCO2 instrumentation

Interested? Just get in contact with me!